1. What is Truckoom?

Truckoom is a digital technology solution that provides transportation & logistics services by connecting shippers with carriers.

2. What is Truckoom service area?

Truckoom operates within all the Seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates.

3. How do I sign up?

You can set up your account through our app yourself or call support at +97142736234 to have yourself registered.

4. Where do I download the app?

Truckoom app is available on both Apple App Store & Google Playstore.

5. Do I have to pay to join Truckoom?

No, you are free to join Truckoom as a service provider as long as you have a right paperwork as per local regulations.

6. Do you provide with any Training?

Yes, carriers/drivers are welcome to undertake comprehensive training with us on the apps usability & operational procedures.

7. Who do I contact for more information?

Please email at or +97142736234 for more information.


1. How do I ship with Truckoom?

You can simply place a load by filling in the details for which you will be quoted an instant price, subjected to approval.

2. How instant quote generated?

Truckoom has a built-in dynamic pricing algorithm based on distance, delivery requirements & vehicle to produce price that is highly competitive.

3. Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

Yes, you can cancel an order subjected to terms & conditions. Please refer to Cancellation & Refund Policy for further details.

4. How can I communicate with the driver regarding my shipment?

You can access drivers contact in our app once the shipment is in process, or can reach out to Truckoom for any concerns.

5. How do I track Shipments?

You can track your shipment through our real time tracking and SMS status updates.

6. Does the price include helpers?

No, the price quoted is excluding labour charge. Any labour requirement should be notified under the load details. Rate will be adjusted accordingly.

7.Are your drivers & carriers reliable & qualified?

All the drivers & carriers undergo a comprehensive verification process upon registration.

8. How do I manage my loads post-delivery?

Truckoom provides a complete digital invoice & billing capability, with your entire history consolidated in one place.


1. Who can be a Truckoom Carrier?

Any individual or a transport company with a valid visa & license who owns transport vehicles has a potential to become a Truckoom carrier.

2. Can I instantly start accepting loads upon sign up?

No, registration process requires a verification & approval from Truckoom before you can accept loads.

3. What kind of vehicles are you looking for?

We operate all sort of commercial vehicles such as pickups, flatbeds, trucks & trailers.

4. Do carriers need smartphone?

Yes, carriers need a smartphone with internet capability to work with Truckoom.

5. How many days does the approval process take?

No, you are free to join Truckoom as a service provider as long as you have a right paperwork as per local regulations.

6. How do I get paid?

Carriers will be paid on due time for completed deliveries using cash, cheque or Bank Transfer.

7. Does the quoted load price include helpers?

No, the price quoted is without helpers, make sure you bid price considering their cost.

8. My bids are not being accepted?

Competition drives prices down, Truckoom makes sure shipper does not pay more than they should. Hence, prices that match the market price will only be entertained.

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