About Us

Truckoom is the most advanced technology enabled service in the region that serves as all-in-one solution for logistics and transportation needs. Truckoom’s services are tailored and catered to its users based on their requirements. From small 1 TON pickups to large 15m Trailers, Truckoom provides it all. With ever-growing userbase and competent clients, Truckoom ensures that customer’s expectations are met, and transport is made easy.


To Defragment, Integrate and Redefine logistics sector using state of the art technology and superior customer service that speaks of the digital tomorrow.


We aspire to become the leader of shared logistic economy and be one-stop solution for all transportation needs.

Our Principles

Value of Clients

We focus on helping customers, not winning them. With optimization as our priority, Truckoom values the time and money of its clients.

Business Togetherness

We place a high emphasis on long-term shipper and carrier fulfillment, loyalty, and confidence.


Visibility of data on every shipment so you could do efficient decision-making concerned with growth and performance.


Leveraging technology to ensure environmental sustainability and digital smartness that speaks of the digital tomorrow.